Air France KLM and Labour Union To Meet An Agreement

Air France KLM and Labour Union To Meet An Agreement. Shares of Air France KLM rose on Thursday, which traders attributed to a report published on the website of the economic publication La Tribune that Air France would submit a proposed wage settlement to unions later this week.

boeing 787-9 dreamliner

Air France KLM and Labour Union To Meet An Agreement, pic: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner indicated that the wage agreement could be proposed to unions on Friday. An Air France spokeswoman declined to comment on the case.

The shares of Air France KLM rose by 5.3%, although the shares remain close to 40% in 2018, mainly due to the strike of employees that cost more than 300 million euros to the airline.

Benjamin Smith was appointed General Manager of Air France KLM last month. Smith has to face union resistance to reduce the inflated cost base of the French unit, while keeping the Dutch staff increasingly frustrated.

The French State holds 14% of the capital of Air France KLM, while Delta Airlines and China Eastern Airlines each hold 8.8% of the capital.