Bombardier CS100 Receives FAA and EASA Validation

bombardier cs100

Bombardier CS100 Receives FAA and EASA Validation

Bombardier CS100 Receives FAA & EASA Validation. The Canadian CS100 received the type validation of both the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States and the European Aviation Safety Agency, paving the way for the aircraft will be delivered to launch customer Swiss.

Validations follow the Transport Canada type certification in December 2015.

Swiss is scheduled for delivery of aircraft engines Pratt & Whitney PW1500G in late June. The entry into service tax for July 15 has 15 firm orders and 15 CS100s CS300s, plus 10 options.

"Obtaining aircraft type validations CS100 EASA and the FAA marks one of the final in our program very successful tests chapters" says Francois Caza. Vice president product development and chief engineer and head of the Organization of approval Bombardier design.

Bombardier CSeries

On February 17 2016 Air Canada signed a letter of intent with Bombardier for up to 75 CS300 aircraft as part of its plan to renew the fleet of single-aisle aircraft.

This comprised 45 firm orders and options for an additional 30 aircraft. It includes the right to replace the CS100 aircraft, under certain circumstances, which will begin in late 2019 and spread to 2022.

As of April 12, 2016 the CSeries deliveries had 250 firm orders from 678. Air Baltic with 20 firm orders will be the first airline to operate the CS300 when they receive the aircraft after mid-2016.

On April 28, 2016, Bombardier and Delta Air Lines announced a sale of 75 firm orders and 50 options of Bombardier CS100.

The first ship will enter service in the spring of 2018. Airways News believe that a substantial 65 to 70% discount on the list price of $ 71.8 million was presented to the final sale price of $ 24.6-28.7 million per aircraft.

This large order from a major carrier of Bombardier could help break the duopoly Boeing/Airbus single aisle.

With those 127 firm orders in early 2016, the introduction should be firm with a portfolio of more than 300 orders and up to 800 planes. These shall including optional.

Conditional orders, letters of intent and purchase rights. Which implies an onerous contract provision of about $ 500 million, $ 3.9 million order.

The company continues to seek an aid package of $ 1 million from the federal government.