Boeing 737 Qantas Retro Livery Rotating Takeoff

boeing 737 qantas retro livery

Boeing 737 Qantas Retro Livery

Boeing 737 Qantas Retro Livery while rotating takeoff runway. This picture taken at Brisbane International Airport. Anyway, Qantas paints different livery on it. The carrier decided to use 1960s Qantas' livery. This also part of celebrating 95 years of Australian Airline.

Now the Boeing 737-800 looks completely different than another Boeing in original livery. Retro outside yet modern inside. To be precise, the livery used between 1959-1961 by Qantas. So detail, even you can read old tagline of Qantas, "Australia's Overseas Airline".

At the time most of Qantas fleet were Boeing 707 series. Qantas Airways Limited is a flag carrier of Australia. They are largest in terms of number of fleet. Number of flights as well as destinations. Qantas also known as the third oldest airline in the world. After the KLM of Netherlands and Avianca of Colombia.