MH-60 US Navy The Seahawk On Hovering

mh-60 us navy the seahawk

MH-60 US Navy The Seahawk

MH-60 US Navy The Seahawk On Hovering. The multi-role helicopter Seahawk while hovering. Captured by Brendan Attard beautifully. The US Navy during on military training in Malta. This is the part Sikorsky S-70 family. Then it built based on UH-60 Black Hawk of United States Army. The MH-60 has vital difference on airframe modification. There is a hinged tail attached. The objective is to reduce its footprint aboard ships. Two turboshaft engines power the helicopter. So it able to carry heavy things. At the result The Seahawk can be much more utility helicopter. Such as aircraft carrier or medical evacuation. even you can add with heavy duty weapons. Currently US Navy operating more than 400 MH-60s. Lifetime service is expected at least in 2030.