Air France Boeing 777-200 Emergency Flight Due To Failure

air france boeing 777-200

Air France Boeing 777-200 Takeoff

Air France Boeing 777-200 while takeoff runway. A general emergency was declared in Air France  flight number 852 currently flying from Paris to Cayenne, French Guiana in South America.

According to Air France a compressor failure occurred during takeoff. Air France said ETN, the flight is about to land at CDG following procedures. The airline said the pilots are trained for this type of incident. The Boeing 777-200 captain declared an emergency after takeoff around 10.15 am Paris time on Sunday morning. The plane with registration number of the aircraft is F-GSPA was able to land safely at the airport Paris Charles De Gaulle, shortly before noon on Sunday.

The aircraft was seen to burn fuel before landing, maintaining 6000 feet or just 1,800 meter height in a holding pattern south of Paris for a while. At 11.33 am, the flight was cleared of a holding pattern and was heading back to Paris. Instead of returning to Paris Orly, the aircraft heads to Paris Charles de Gaulle. The airport is better equipped to handle emergency situations.

Air France said there was never any danger to the passengers and crew. Another aircraft was waiting at the airport of CDG to carry passengers over the Atlantic Ocean to French Guiana.