Dortmund Dr Peters Group to Lose Airbus A380

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Dortmund Dr Peters Group to Lose Airbus A380

Dortmund Dr Peters Group to Lose Airbus A380. The Dr Peters Group is studying all the options for its return of the Airbus A380, including the dismantling.

Part-out would not be considered for all A380s returning, informed sources said. Other options in the framework include the freight of the aircraft or remarketing to another lessee.

A perception of the lack of immediate secondary market options is leading the German company to consider these options, suggest financial sources.

Dr. Peters, who declined to comment, has nine Airbus A380s - funded through the KG market through the investment subsidiary DS Aviation - listed in their assets on their website.

Air France rents five, while the rest is leased to Singapore Airlines.

The production code numbers MSNs 010, 008.005 and 003 must be returned by the tenant Singapore Airlines, with MSN 003 scheduled to be the first to return, in October. Doric Aviation is managing all four.

Singapore Airlines recently confirmed it will return four Airbus A380s from its fleet in its current financial year ending March 31, 2018.

The need to create secondary markets for the A380 has long been a concern for aircraft owners.

And at last year's Airline Economics Growth Frontiers conference in Hong Kong, Cabot Aviation senior vice president for the Asia-Pacific market, Vincent Lam stated that he envisaged a few difficult years for companies wishing to rebook the A380.

However, Airbus is confident that its flagship product will have a viable secondary market.

The maker considers potential for African and Chinese airlines, Hajj operators and large operators in the Middle East are willing to take the old A380, said Cathal Kyle, director of customer financing in Europe and Asia, delegates at the Doric Aviation Day in Frankfurt on April 25.

In addition, Sparfell & Partners is offering for sale four Airbus A380s "ready for VVIP head-state conversion," a recent announcement on the AvBuyer website revealed.

The aircraft offered for VVIP conversion was built in the period 2007-08.

The Dr Peters Group, registered in Dortmund, conceives, places and manages tangible assets since 1975 in the legal form of a limited partnership. The investment targets are mobile and immobile goods of the real economy such as ships, real estate and aircraft.