American Airlines Retrofits Airbus A321 Upper Cabin

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American Airlines Retrofits Airbus A321 Upper Cabin

American Airlines Retrofits Airbus A321 Upper Cabin. Airbus announced today that American Airlines (AA) will be the first customer to upgrade an Airbus A321 with the new Airspace XL luggage containers.

Larger containers offer 40% more storage space for handbags and are expected to be included in the A321 of the airline that is currently in service. According to Airbus, a total of 202 aircraft will be updated with the new components.

"Thanks to this modification of the Airbus cabin, American Airlines A321 passengers will be able to board faster and enjoy an improved overall travel experience," said Laurent Martinez, Airbus' chief of services.

According to the European manufacturer, this is the largest cabin improvement they have ever made and all the new A321 for American Airlines will come equipped with the Airspace XL containers directly from the factory.

airbus airspace xl

Airbus Airspace XL

The updates are part of a project that will standardize the type of American Airlines aircraft with a common seat and interior. Martinez added that "this is exactly the kind of added value that our services can provide to airlines."

"This contract is an important step for Airbus in the US service market, and we thank American Airlines for their confidence in our experience," he concluded.

Airbus Global Services Forecast projects that in the next 20 years the commercial aircraft update services market will have a value of US $ 180 billion, driven in part by the high competition among airlines that value the 'passenger experience' as a differentiator , as well as system updates. Airbus estimates that 14% of this demand will come from North America.