Saab Won T-X Contract From US Air Force

Saab Won T-X Contract From US Air Force. Saab won a USD 117 million contract that covers most of the engineering, manufacturing and development phase of the US Air Force T-X Trainers Training Project.

When announcing its reception on October 18, the Swedish company said that this sum will cover the activities until 2022, which will run parallel to the work carried out by T-X's main contractor, Boeing. "EMD includes testing, certification of US military flights and delivery of five aircraft," says Saab.

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Saab Won T-X Contract From US Air Force, pic: T-X Trainer Aircraft

At the end of September, the US Air Force announced that he had selected the proposal from Boeing / Saab TX, after a competition that also evaluated Leonardo T-100 and Lockheed Martin / Korea Aerospace Industries. T-50. The Northrop T-38 replacement program, worth USD 9.2 billion, contemplates the production of 351 state-of-the-art training equipment with a single engine and will reach the initial operational capacity in 2024.

Boeing will complete the final assembly of the T-X at its plant in St. Louis, Missouri, with Saab providing its rear fuselage from a production site to be established in the United States.

In a conference call on earnings for the third quarter of October 23, Saab CEO HÃ¥kan Buskhe said the company had not decided on the location of the new facility. However, he points out that it will be necessary to develop his supply chain, which should produce between 8 and 12 Gripen hunters per year, to quickly support a T-X production rate of 60 units per year.

Buskhe notes that in addition to meeting the training requirements of the US Air Force. In the US, Saab also sees great export potential for the design of T-X. "Many customers in the US would like to be in the same concept as the US Air Force," he said.