F-18D Hornet of US Marines While Inflight

f-18d hornet us marines

F-18D Hornet of US Marines

F-18D Hornet of US Marines spotted during a flight mission. The jet fighter capture at Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan. Thanks to Aria Kanzaki for beautiful photo shoot. The Hornet is belong to US Marines. They registered as 242 aircraft. However, The F-18 or some people said FA-18 is a McDonnell Douglas jet fighter. At the moment company owned by Boeing. The -D variant is a two-seats variant. There are also the -A, -C as well as -E and -F variants. The F/A stands for join development between McDonnell Douglas and Northrop Grumman at the time. US Marines chos e F-18 jet as its fleet. Because the F-18 is one of the greatest multirole jet fighter ever. The Hornet also served as aerobatics team fleet of Blue Angels. Speaking of Atsugi Naval Base, this is one of the largest US Navy air base in Pacific region. Currently the Carrier Air Wing 5 is a permanent squadron that based here. The air base located in Yamato city in Kanagawa Prefecture.